Night Skies



Love Is A Forgiving Thing  sound clip
The Friends I Carry In My Heart
I Know A Lonely Man When I See One
Can't You Just Love Me
Marry The Woman   sound clip
Waiting For My Call
Between The Moon And Our Hearts
How Do I Turn On The Light?
When I Start To Stray
Keep The Flow
Night Skies  sound clip
Just Say No
Don't You Wanta
I Don't Want To Leave You
Soothe Me  sound clip
Help Me Lay This Old Body Down

Love Is A Forgiving Thing

We have a fight,
We both feel right,
But in the night,
We start to hold each other tight,
Before the dawn, we see the light.

We don’t mean, half of what we say,
Our crazy hearts, just say it anyway,
Oh baby, love’s a forgiving thing.

You wander far,
I wonder where,
I turn around, you’ve come back here,
I want to told you, told you near.

So much love,
Concealed inside,
But as years go by,
we have less need to hide.
I love the turning of the tide.

The Friends I Carry In my Heart

The friends I have so far away,
I feel their warmth, it guides my way,
Through the times filled with doubt,
Their love helps me out.

These friends I carry in my heart,
I carry them like horse and cart,
People that I long to see,
While apart, they stay with me.

The world turns ‘round so speedily,
Days fly by, so busily,
In my heart, my center’s strong,
When I hear their song.

The push and pulls of my life,
Its ebbs, flows, cares and strife,
All of it seems easy,
When their love comforts me.

I Know A Lonely Man
When I See One

I know a lonely man when I see one,
I can tell by the way he moves his hips.
He stares out into the distance,
He’s got a resigned look on his lips.

He’s always getting into trouble,
He’s got an achin’ he can’t control.
Women, take off on the double,
Or he might get into your soul.

He says his wife doesn’t love him,
He says lie’s just punchin’ the clock.
His kids are drivin’ him crazy,
If you take try advice, you’ll walk.

He’ll tell you all of his problems,
Hell share all of his woes.
You might start thinkin’ you can help him,
Pretty soon you’ll be rubbin’ his toes.

Can’t You Just Love Me

Can’t you just love me,
Love who I am?
Put your arms around me,
Hold we best you can.

’Cause I can’t change, for you, anymore,
And I can’t hide my feelings, that’s for sure.
Can’t be a puppet on a string,
I need to sing the songs I sing,
I need to fly, I need to fly, I need to fly.

I don’t want to lose you,
But I can’t lose me.
I’m such a fool for you,
You’ve been my ecstasy.

I feel so bad for you,
Are you scared to see who I am?
I’m sorry they scarred you,
They took part of my man.

Marry The Woman

Marry the woman,
who makes you cappuccinos,
Who marries you on faith.
Marry the woman,
who washes your clothes,
And always says that you’re great!

She’ll never deny you,
she’ll always admire you,
She’ll keep the bed warm when you’re late.
She’ll get in the habit, of loving you only,
She’ll think you are a witty date.

Marry the woman,
     who loves your relations,
Who scrubs the sink when you shave.
Marry the woman,
     who hides her emotions,
Who won’t remind you to bathe.

Marry the woman,
     who loves you like your mother,
Who will never let you down.
Marry the woman, with eyes for no other,
Who always wants you around.

Waiting For My Call

I hear the birds in the morning,
I see the sun upon the hills,
I feel the surf and sand pounding,
Children’s laughter seeking thrills.

And I keep on wondering,
Why I’m here at all,
Like a pilgrim sent here searching,
For my meaning, waiting for my call.

In sunlight and in shadows,
In rain and sleet and snow,
In rivers and in valleys,
Just like a theater show.

We keep on wondering,
Why we’re here at all,
Like pilgrims sent here searching,
For our meaning, waiting for our call.

A blue and green ball spinning,
A flying streak of light,
They’re harmonizing rhythms.
We’re trying to keep things right.

Between The Moon And Our Hearts

There’s a story, often told,
Of lovers searching in the cold,
But our love, breaks the mold,
Into the light we fold-

There, between the moon and our hearts,
Flies our love, when we’re apart.
There I know we will find,
Each other, ‘cause our love’s a lovin’ kind.

You travel there, I come here,
Walls of strangers everywhere,
But in the night, I feel your care,
As to the moon I stare.

Rocky days, stormy nights,
Everything comes out right.
Taking roads, centuries old,
We keep our eyes on the light.

How Do I Turn On The Light?

Everybody’s got joy, I’ve got sorrow,
Everybody’s got love, I’ve got loneliness,
Everybody’s got peace,
I’ve got a war inside-

And I want to know,
how do I turn on the light?
How do I turn on the light,
     make everything all right?
Oh, oh, oh, how do I turn on the light?

Everybody’s got music,
     running through their soul,
Just like a river, rushing to the sea.
Everybody’s got sunshine,
     warming up their heart,
Well I’ve got night skies,
     tearing me apart.

When you feel a little sadness,
     causin’ you to fuss,
When you want a friend,
     and need someone to trust,
I may not even know you,
     but I want you to know,
I’ve got some love,
     some caring for your soul.

When I Start To Stray

Sometimes I sit down and I wonder,
Sometimes I really want to know,
Sometimes I stumble and I falter,
I lose track of where I want to go.

In my heart, I know that I am trying,
In my soul, I know I’ll find the way,
But it helps to have a friend who’s willing,
To hold my hand when I start to stray.

When I can’t find my own feelings,
When I lose track of right and wrong,
When every word has lost its meaning,
You are here to help me sing my song.

It just takes one friend to ease my sorrow,
Just takes love to make a home,
It just takes hope for a bright tomorrow,
And lights the road when I need to roam.

Keep The Flow

Love is an addicting thing,
I feel its power and I start to sing.
Don’t want to stop it,
Now that we’ve got it.

Let’s keep the flow, keep the flow,
Keep the flow, never let it go.
Keep the flow, keep the flow,
Keep the flow, never let it go.

Now some folks live their life fenced in,
They won’t like it when we’re dancin’.
They’ll try to stop us,
And they won’t like us.

Emotion is a powerful thing,
When it flows my heart takes wing.
Its power moves me,
Its truth soothes me.

Night Skies

I know, it’s not an easy thing to give
After the times I’ve left you cryin’
To the loneliness of night.

But I want your love,
I want to know you’ll be around
In tomorrow’s light.
I want your love.

Night skies, the emptiness of stars
Across the sky,
Suspended in the cold,
Waiting for someone to hold.

I feel, like the moon hanging lonely
In the sky,
The vastness of night,
The emptiness of life without your sigh.

Just Say No

All my life, I’ve tried
     to make someone love me,
Tried to make them see, the best in me.
From mother to father, sister to brother,
Birth to forever with friends and lovers.

But if you don’t feel, love in your heart,
Just say no, just say no, please just go.

I can’t get love, from somewhere it’s not,
And I can’t keep living,
     something that’s not.
Won’t you just love me, or let me go,
If you don’t want me, I want to know.

I can’t keep pulling, love from a stone,
And my heart can’t take, a love on loan.
You can end it, just call me on the phone,
I’ve been tryin’ so hard
     but I can make it alone.

Don’t You Wanta

Come on dance with me,
When we turn down the lights,
Don’t you wanta?
Don’t you wanta?
Don’t you wanta uh huh?

Wake up, see the stars shine,
Feel my heart beat, uh huh.
It’s a little thing,
The thing that love can bring,
Don’t you want it, uh huh?

Come on, squeeze me,
Hold me tight, it’s alright,
Don’t you wanta?
Don’t you wanta?
Don’t you wanta, uh huh?

Come on, kiss me,
Feel the fire in the night.
Don’t you wanta?
Don’t you wanta?
Don’t you wanta, uh huh?

I Don’t Want To Leave You

I don’t want to leave you,
I don’t want you to qo,
I don’t want our world to fold,
And find a life that I don’t know.

But every time I look at you,
I think I’ll see what I saw before.
I don’t know if it’s me or you,
Who can’t be that anymore.

Once you were superman,
Emerson and Thoreau.
Now you’re a business man,
Who doesn’t want feelings to show.

Once I was a good wife,
Sympathetic and always nice.
Now I have so much to say,
And seem to flirt with every vice.

You know what I’d really like?
To see us both shine so bright.
We could love in any light,
And keep our stars within our sights.

Last Chorus:
And every time I’d look at you,
I’d see love’s open door.
There’d be me and you,
Lovin’ better than before.

Soothe Me

Soothe me, soothe me with your sounds,
Heal me, heal me with your touch,
See me, find the love that’s all around,
When words, don’t say enough.

Love me, I am ready,
Know me, I can show you,
Into the well, into the water,
Into the sea, blending with the blue.

I am soothed, with our sounds,
I am healed, with our touch,
Found, the love that’s all around,
When words, don’t say enough.

Hand in hand, I am willing,
Step by step, we can make it,
Cup by cup, the vessel’s filling,
Star by star, the candle’s lit.

I am soothed, with our sounds,
I am healed, with our touch,
Found, the love that’s all around,
When words, don’t say enough.

Help Me Lay This Old Body Down

Hey baby, come on in,
Make the music start to spin,
Play the game, like we’re gonna win.

Years have hit me, like a brick,
I’m feeling old and need your tricks,
Hey daddy, help me get some kicks.

Rock me easy, rock me slow,
Take me where I like to go,
Help me lay this old body down.

Put on some slow and easy song,
It makes me feel like nothin’s wrong,
Oh daddy, I’ve been lonely too long.

You make me younger than I am,
You make me swing like no one can,
Snuggle up, and be my man.