Kid's Music

Nancy Cassidy’s music “has a spiritual quality, which moves families to sing along together rejoicing in the rollicking rhythms of folk music.” “She’s simply refreshing to hear…good, clean, fun music with a great voice, great arrangements and great versions of traditional and original kid’s songs.” She performs solo and also with a band.



KidsSongs has earned Gold Record status, having entered the households of more than 1,000,000 families.  It’s 22 children's classics and fun originals range from a sparkling Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to a get-up-on-your-chair treatment of This Little Light of Mine. Willoughby Wallaby Woo features an elephant sitting on you, and the fun and the wacky Cassidy original Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips join songs that have been loved and enjoyed by kids of all ages. The rock star legend Bruce Springsteen even covered their Chicken Lips!.

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KidsSongs 2

"A holler-along CD for at home or on the range." KidsSongs 2 has a wonderfully diverse range of styles of music…from the classic She'll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain to a yummy song called Sandwiches, to a lovely arrangement of Lavender's Blue and much more. Over 500,000 kids, parents and teachers have had a sensational time singing these songs together.

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"Jubilee is a great CD for anyone - young or old."  The classic This Land is Your Land with its lively banjo strumming, the calypso-infused spiritual Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, the light-hearted I Wanna Be a Dog and more make up a CD that has sold over 350,000 copies.

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Sleepyheads makes bedtime fun! Drift away with the haunting Shenandoah. Step into the magical night with the elegant Greensleeves. Dance into dreamland with the steel drummed Three Little Birds. This is a collection of songs that your kids will love to go to sleep with. Many have, every night, for years.

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