Heart of a Song

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Heart of A Song

Come Home To Me

Love Train

Cinnamon Eyes

All The Sugar I Need

Rocky Road


You Know It Ain’t True

Life Ain’t No Railroad Track

I Risked My Heart Too

Whole Bunch Of Love

I’m Free

Lopsided Moon

In Your Arms


One little painting lights my world

One measure of song lasts the whole daylong

One moment one kiss, one ounce of bliss

It doesn’t take much to thrill me like this

And carry me along, like the heart of a song,

The heart of a song… la la la la

 Soft sunset, sweet smile,

One hug makes me glow, lasts quite awhile.

One dance lasts a year…I feel it all

One romantic tune and I start to swoon

That’s how my life flows. That’s how my heart goes.

And how does yours? Like the heart of a song,

Like the heart of a song.

 You’re a mystery to me,

What sets you free? What moves your soul?

What catches your eye, what makes you whole?

What person, what thing, are you living for?

I want to know more… I want to know more…

Please open your door. Like the heart of a song,

Like the heart of a song.


A million things take you away from me

That’s all right; I get by.

A thousand stars light the night sky,

We’ll be all right, holding the light.

But when you come home, please come home to me.

When you lay down, lay with me, won’t you lay with me?

A billion tumbleweeds blowin’ round,

THEY got rustlin’ sounds, goin’ round and round

They’ll find some little hollow in the ground

And settle down, peace finally found.

I hear restless winds when I lay down

I know their pull; I feel their draw.

But I like our little holler in the woods,

With trees around, roots goin’ down.

‘Cause there’s nothin’ to hold on to in a busy town

Floatin’ round; feet off the ground.

Not ‘til I planted seeds did dreams come true

Roots goin’ down; comin’ home to you.


What we got is the real thing

What we feel ain’t fantasy

We know how to make our hearts sing

Drop everything and…

(Hop on) the love train. Bring the sun…stop the rain

Love is a powerful thing…you and me we know its name.

Bring out the sax, bring out the drums

Light my fire like you’ve always done.

You’re my engineer, start the train

Love ain’t no waiting game…Come on and

Our life’s a carousel…

Round and round and up and down.

Ride the horse ‘til the music stops…

Start makin’ our own sweet sounds…up on the love train.


Got me a baby, way ‘cross town,

Nights full of lights; pretty boys all around.

Costs a dollar to see him go down,

I’d pay a lot more to hear his funky sound.

He’s got a Silky red shirt, a white bowtie

Black creased pants, cinnamon eyes.

My baby swings me…into the sweet bye and bye.

His hair’s slicked back, got moves so smooth

Takes ya back and forth in the groove.

Come down see you’ll know why

You’ll get a funny feelin’; wanna give him a try.

I don’t worry, I don’t fret—

My baby loves me 100%.

They all want him but he wants me,

Give him a spin, then let him be.

My baby dances into the night

Could be rainin’ that’s all right.

He’s so hot, he’s so fine,

Girls all want him, they gotta move aside.


You’re all the sugar I need to make my day feel right.

All the honey I want … get me through the night.

From my head to my toes, makin’ me feel whole

I thank my lucky stars, you’re rockin’ my soul.

That’s how love goes, that’s how love goes.

You can take me on a ride, I’m on your side…I’m on your side.

You’re all the sugar I need, thought I was way past that.

All alone in the Valley, in my cowboy hat.

You passed me by, on a whiff of sweet

I couldn’t say no… such a tasty treat

I don’t care…if it’s day or night.

Wrong or right…I’m in paradise.

Layin’ right here, in your arms.

You’re fillin’ me up, my honey cup.


Rocky Road, can’t find my way home

Rocky Road…so far to go.

Rocky Road, trouble finds me;

Worries haunt me, on my Rocky, Rocky Road.

If you hear me, will you come to me?

Will you hold me? Keep me warm?

Will you love me? Will you want me?

Keep me company on this Rocky Road.

Lost my mother, lost my father,

Sisters and brothers, where did you go?

Ain’t got nobody, nobody who loves me,

On my lonely, Rocky Road.

I paid my dues; I done my time.

I’ve been wrong; I’ve been fined.

Now I crossed over and I walk the line.

Won’t you please be a friend of mine.


Wanna get me a cowboy; who’ll chop my wood and stuff,

Git me a cowboy, he’ll chop my wood and stuff.

Sing me sweet songs, when times get rough.

I got me a horse and saddle, I got me boots and hat,

Got me a lasso and cattle, a belt and cougar cat...

All I need’s a cowboy who likes where I’m at,

Wanna cowboy who knows where it’s at.

I don’t need a gangster, I don’t need a cop,

Don’t need a banker, I don’t need Ghengis Khan…

Give me a hot fire, give me a rockin’ chair,

Give me a little cowboy with soft curly hair.

Wanna a cowboy rock me outta here.

We’ll swim in the river … to cool us down at night,

We’ll swim in the river … gonna cool us down at night.

Long day in the saddle, he’ll make me feel all right,

I’ll lie in his arms, lookin’ up at the stars,

Lie in his arms, lookin’ up at the stars,

High in the mountains, we won’t stray far.

Wanna cowboy, who loves who we are.


You know me better than this…Don’t you know how I feel?

I’m achin’ inside…I’m on the wrong side…Can’t tell truth from lies.

It’s a no win, no win. … Stuck in the hole I’m in.

Slippery slope; Landslide I can’t cope…A prayer with no hope.

Don’t say you love me, don’t act like you do.
Don’t give me signs You wanna to be mine…
When you know, you know it ain’t true.

I’ll get along…Climb mountains alone. I’ve done it before …

I’ll do it once more   Once you close the door

Won’t you walk away?….. Nothin’ here left to say

My world’s turned to blue…Don’t hurt me we’re through …

Adios... bid adieu
‘Cause I’m just a fool  ….. When it comes to you

A rag doll inside … A heart with no pride … Got nowhere to hide.


You said I done wrong; but I believe…

You said I done wrong; but I believe…

I ain’t done nothin’ the sun can’t see.

Blues of the night swallowed me

Blues of the night swallowed me…

Moon give me light so I can see.

Life ain’t no railroad track;

Life ain’t no railroad track

Ain’t one way forward; ain’t one way back

Life ain’t no Railroad track.

I don’t know what’s hidin’ me…

I don’t know what’s hidin’ me…

Rules, schools and heresy.

I told you all that I know …

I give you everything I feel

You don’t like it; but it’s real.

I follow my heart where’er I go

I follow my heart where’er I go…

I try to do no harm … I hope you know.


I risked my heart too…

Fell to pieces, lived in reds and blues.

Rose with the sun…with it I set…

I risked my heart too.

Fell in love like I always do.

Jumped overboard swam the ocean blue.

Threw the dice, but I lost you…

I risked my heart too.

What’s life without a little love?

Joys and promises of heaven above?

Worth a lot more than a broken heart.

I fell in love and fell apart.

Like leaves that fall, like winters snow

You walk by, but I know you know

There are flowers underneath that grow

You risked your heart too.


Git off that hill, come and see me

You’ve been workin’ way too hard.

Our dog don’t even know you

Honey why you gotta work so dang hard?

We don’t need to fill up our cupboards,

With a whole bunch of useless stuff,

Let’s go back to simple livin’,

You and me and a whole bunch of love.

Come on out to the dance floor…give me a little spin.

Been feelin’ my oats, come closer. darlin’ where have you been?

Bein’ with you makes me happy; I’m sick of the rat race we’re in….

I like you near when I’m sleepin’…That’s the only race I gotta win.

Let’s go on down to the river. Honey, let’s dive right on in.

Swimmin’ downstream together… Let sweet, sweet freedom begin.

We ain’t getting’ no younger…Time keeps slippin’ away…

Your paycheck ain’t cuttin’ the hunger, I feel when you’re gone away.

I AM FREE 3:53

You’ve been puttin’ me down, I’m lettin’ you go.

Feels so free to know you can’t hurt me no more

I don’t know why I let you get the best of me

Believed your words couldn’t see reality.

(But) it’s over now, I am free.

I see clear skies, my heads held high,

Gotta big ol’ smile; my eyes are open wide

And Baby, Baby…I’m free,

Oh Baby, get away from me…

Oh yeah, just get away from me.

I won’t take your call; won’t see you no more

Ain’t gonna do the things that we done before

Your hearts astray and you really don’t care

You say you do…but you’re not here.

You think it’s a joke to hurt someone

You think it don’t matter what you done

But a bleeding heart and a trusting soul

You’ve hurt before… I’m lettin’ you go.


There’s a lopsided moon, raisin’ hell with my heart,

And the mountains below it, don’t know where to start.

The valley’s in bloom…and Spring’s taken hold.

Birds are lookin’ to nest … need a place to rest.

I should be asleep … but I’ve lost track of time

It’s too early for coffee and to late for wine.

Got old songs in my heart and the moon’s in my eyes,

And I can’t forget you no matter how hard I try.

Got a lopsided moon, goin’ down with the light,

And in the morning I’ll be close to all right.

I’ll dream in my dreams of you at night,

But in the morning, I’ll be close to all right.

The pull of the moon is draggin’ me along.

My head tries to hold on to the truth.

Not to live in dreams, of nights when I know,

We rested gently before you had to go.

The glow of the morning’s turning mountains pink

The black sky is blue, … grasses like diamonds wink.

The river is rising, life’s movin’ on,

Time’s healing wounds, moon fades with the dawn.


You…got me down on my knees

Got me whisperin’ please, Got me feelin’ easy.

‘cause you, know just what to do,

When my day turns to night, I can’t find the light.

Come, Come soothe my soul.

Make me back to whole

Take me back to right.

I ain’t got no more fight

I could lie here all night…

In your arms I’m all right,

In your arms I’m all right.

At sea, when the winds blow,

And I don’t know, where I can go.

The dark, seeps into my bones,

I feel so alone, baby you take me home.